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A Beretta pistol was initially the preferred tool of the trade for fictional British super spy James Bond. But 007 not the first to rely of Beretta weapons for combat and survival. The Italian gun manufacturer has made history-changing armaments for more than 500 years. It created gun barrels for the kings of Naples and the Venetian Senate, cannons for Napoleon Bonaparte’s imperial army, and hunting guns for the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg empire. Beretta’s recent claim to fame is the official adoption of its semi-automatic handguns as U.S. Army officers’ standard-issue sidearm. Beretta pistols replaced the Colt .45-caliber pistol, previously the standard issue since 1911. Beretta pistols, which owns firearms plants in Italy, Spain, and Finland as well as in the United States, continues to focus on military production. The manufacturer is also spreading out its efforts into the production of precision sporting, competition, and personal-defense weapons including its well-respected beretta pistols. From modular U22 Neos made for target shooting and training to classics like the 9 mm 92FS, gun collectors and small arms enthusiasts appreciate the history, quality, and reliability of Beretta pistols.